Saturn Returns

If you've been reasonably lucky, you've experienced a few days in your life that you could describe as perfect days. If you've been particularly lucky, you've realized while you were experiencing them that they were perfect days.

My 30th birthday was such a day - a perfect day I was able to revel in because I knew it for what it was. Some of the people I like best in the world had gathered to help me celebrate. There was warm air, bright sunshine, the sound of a very full river rushing by fifty feet away. I spent half an hour chucking sticks into the river because I had nothing in particular better to do. I ate the salsa we made from veggies grown in our own garden and canned last fall, saving it for just the right time. I played an incredibly fun game I've been waiting since Xmas to play. I got rip-roaring drunk and stared into a campfire and at the stars overhead all night long.

I can't think of anything more I could possibly ask for. By far, the best birthday I've ever had. Many thanks to Toph, Amber, Skippy, Holy Shit It's Julie and of course, Emily, for being there to share my big day.