Old Guys Like Money

As expected in the wake of their performance at the Grammys, the Police have announced that they'll be touring in 2007.

It's good to know just where we're at in the "Great Bands of the Past Deciding that the Lure of Money Outweighs Old Animosities" cycle. Can a Talking Heads reunion be far behind? Will the Van Halen brothers and David Lee Roth give it yet another go?

Have you watched the video? It's not terrible, really, but it's just kind of sad. It's not "Oh my God, they still have the Rolling Stones?" sad, but their performance was so lazy, so low-effort, it was a little pathetic. They seemed to know that the fact that the three of them were playing together was enough and so they didn't have to be all that good.

A lot of people rant and rave about how awful it is when old bands get back together years later. They use the truly ridiculous Star Wars Prequel argument - i.e., "George Lucas raped my childhood!" - saying, "It's an insult to how great [insert band name] once were for them to be reuniting now." Not me. I don't particularly care. If the Police want to make a few bucks whilst being "all wussified, like a Sting solo album," it maybe makes me a little sad, maybe amuses me a little. But it doesn't really affect the fact that they produced five totally kickass albums between 1978 and 1983. That the Rolling Stones continue with every tour to hit a new low of pathetic self-parody doesn't mean that "Let it Bleed" isn't still awesome.

Still, even though they're one of my favorite bands...don't look for me to be camping out for tickets when the Police play Denver.