Future Perfect

Dear Readers,

By the time most of you read this, we will have gotten all dressed up. I will have put on a suit, my favorite cufflinks and my brand-new tie. Emily will have put on something gorgeous, and just that tiny touch of makeup she wears only on special occasions.

We will have had a pleasant stroll through downtown Denver in the brisk winter air. We will have arrived at the Denver Chophouse, one of my very favorite restaurants in town. I will have told the hostess that I have a reservation for 7:00, and we will have been shown to our table. I will have selected a bottle of wine and offered a toast. We will have eaten very well.

By the time most of you read this, my friends, something else will have happened, too.

I will have pulled a ring out of my pocket and placed it on Emily's finger. Yes, friends, that ring. I will have asked her to marry me. I will not have gotten down on one knee like a supplicant begging an undeserved boon from the queen. I will have done it very simply, sitting at the table, knowing that we are equals, partners, best friends and lovers, and I will merely have asked her to formalize that relationship.

I am confident, my friends, that by the time you read this, the most beautiful, amazing, talented, intelligent, sexy, wonderful (and other superlatives besides) human being of either gender with whom I have ever had the pleasure of sharing company will have said "yes" to my question.

And then we will have had dessert.

A Great Big (and Very Happy) Nerd

p.s. Emily (hopefully) will not have had any idea of my clever plan beforehand, so if you do happen to read this before 9:00 pm MST on 2/15/07, please hold off on congratulatory calls/texts/whatevers. Thx.