Nerd Year's Resolutions

For 2007, I resolve to be a better nerd. Therefore:

I resolve to watch old-school Star Trek reruns whenever possible.

I resolve to give my D&D players something more interesting to do than fight yet another band of Orcs.

I resolve not to bitch too much about Spider-Man 3, no matter how much it sucks.

I resolve to catch up on reading the nerdy essentials I've been meaning to get around to for years, the Arthur C. Clarke, the Kim Stanley Robinson, the Robert Heinlein, and not spend all the time I could be doing that rereading "Watchmen" and old Batman comics.

I resolve to incorporate at least 15% more "Simpsons" references into my daily conversation.

I resolve not to spend September and October getting needlessly excited about the Denver Broncos' Super Bowl chances, and instead skip directly to the inevitable jaded letdown that usually accompanies November and December.

I resolve to get one o' them Wiis or XBoxes or PlayStations or whatever that the nerds are all excited about these days. Or not.

I resolve to wear more humorous t-shirts.*

I resolve to determine once and for all whether the Jedi Knights could beat the Green Lantern Corps in an all-out fight.

I resolve to get a new pair of Chuck Taylors and wear them until they are little more than a loosely connected string of shoe molecules.

I resolve to be prolific in the creation of webcomics, hilarious cartoons for YouTube distribution, snarky blog entries, and other such things associated with the modern, well-connected nerd.

I resolve to see at least one embarrassingly, horrifyingly nerdy movie in a theater this summer, whatever this year's equivalent of Alien vs. Predator might be.** If there's more than one to see, so much the better.

I resolve to spend many, many hours playing complex boardgames with rulebooks longer than an average Victor Hugo novel.

I resolve to build a functioning trebuchet at my friend's cabin this summer.

I resolve to learn the ancient art of Tae Kwan Leap. Boot to the head!

I resolve, in short, to be the kind of nerd that makes other nerds proud to be nerds. May 2007 be a prosperous, happy and nerdy year for whatever you, reader, choose to geek out about.

* You are free to interpret this as either a resolution to wear a greater number of humorous t-shirts, or as a resolution to wear t-shirts which are more humorous than those I wear now.

** As of this writing, I'm fairly convinced that this movie is Live Free or Die Hard, but we've got a ways to go until the summer.