Ugh. Sorry if I shocked and dismayed my six loyal readers...I was in a really foul mood the other night, and I wallowed a bit in self-pity and suchlike.

To which I say...Bah! Bah to self-pity, bah to "o woe is me," bah to all that bullshit. Bah bah bah. I have very little to feel so down about. I live in a cool house in a great city, I have a wikid cool and dead sexy girlfriend, I am happily owned by the two cutest kitties on Earth, I'm finally studying something I love and choose to devote myself to instead of being all wishy-washy and studying to be a (*shudder*) English teacher because it's a nice career option of which my parents approve, (they still don't quite get why anyone in their right mind would study art - "What do you do with an art degree?" my mother asked last weekend, obviously perplexed but trying with only a certain amount of success to be tactfful about it. Their confusion on the matter secretly delights me), I had a fabulous pizza omelet for breakfast made with herbs and a bell pepper from our garden...

So anyway, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, disregard previous message, these aren't the droids you're looking for.