Weird Tales

Eek! sez I must reveal five weird things about myself. I don't suppose it's enough that I reveal several times a week on this very blog that I'm nearly 30 years old and still a player of role-playing games and care too much about Spider-Man. So, witness, dear reader, first-hand evidence of just what a giant freakazoid I really am...

1. I am strangely proud of my essentially useless ability to name every Best Picture Oscar winner and every Super Bowl champion dating back to 1985ish.
2. I am, generally speaking, a slob. I'm not a neat person at all - but I'm absurdly anal retentive about organizing my DVDs, how I fold and put away my T-shirts, and the order in which I wash dishes, among a few other things.
3. When I eat a cheeseburger and french fries, I invariably, without fail begin by taking one bite of the burger, then eat all the fries, and then eat the rest of the burger.
4. In restaurants, I feel uncomfortable if I have to sit with my back to the door.
5. One of my great ambitions in life is to win a Chili cook-off.