The Marriage of a Nerd - Part III: Almost Official and Ready to Get Drunk

Yesterday, we went down to the Sonoma County Clerk's office and acquired a marriage license. This means that we're thisclose to being Officially Married. All we have to do is rope some unsuspecting Impressive Clergyman into solemnizing our marriage (i.e., saying "Man and Wife" or the era-appropriate non-sexist equivalent thereof) and sending the paperwork back to the county office, and we're set to jet.

After taking care of that crucial little detail, we went to BevMo and fulfilled our remaining liquor-purchasing requirements. We now have (or will have) enough booze to satisfy Amy Winehouse for two whole days. For those keeping score at home, that's four cases of wine, six bottles of Proseco, a full keg of beer and a handle each of bourbon, rum and vodka. 104.75 liters of liquor.

I'll admit, it's way more beer than we need, and probably more booze than we'll actually need, too. But this is one case where it's definitely better to have too much than to have not enough.