The Marriage of a Nerd - Part II: Thumbs Down, Thums Up

So for the last week or so, we've been saying, "Well, we've got everything done that we can do here in Denver. Everything else has to wait until we get to California."

Now we're in California, so it's time to get everything else done.

Yesterday, we wanted to do some things that turned out to be impossible. Mle needed a few bits and pieces of new clothes, so we headed over to the Bay Street shopping center in Emeryville in order to go to H&M, only to discover that nearly every store in the place was closed for Easter.

Closed for Easter, for fuck's sake. That's just crazy, if you ask me. And it wasn't just Bay Street, either. Cross Dress for Less? Closed! Marshall's? Closed! Costco, where we wanted to stock up on groceries for our rented house? Closed! To quote Homer Simpson, "I don't even believe in Jeebus," and now because of Jeebus, we can't go shopping on a Sunday afternoon? Shenanigans, I tell you!

Things started looking up in the afternoon, though. The fine folks at Viks Chaat Corner, one of our must-stop-ins when in Berkeley, don't believe in Jeebus, either, so they were open for business and we were able to have a fine lunch of samosas (veggie for her, lamb for me) and Thums Up cola.

And then a fantastic dinner made by QIR and attended by A Girl and a Boy, with mojitos and turkey cutlets and wild rice and a delicious apple tart.

After dinner, it was a late-night drive to Sonoma County, where the weather is perhaps even more gorgeouser than it was in the East Bay yesterday, and where we've got a rather full plate of afternoon errands.