The Marriage of a Nerd - Part I: On The Road Again

Greetings, once again, from the East Bay, and t-minus ONE WEEK to the Wedding of the Century.

Made good time across Wyoming last night and wound up sleeping at an absurdly expensive Motel 6 in Evanston underneath the single ugliest bedspread in the history of the bedspread. While I don't expect a night at Motel 6 to still be $6, what's the deal with the Evanston joint charging $75 a night when every other M6 we passed by today was charging $40? Shenanigans, I tell you. Of course, we tried to stay at the legendary Little America, only to find that it was $100 for a standard room. Kitsch value in one's lodgings is well and good, but it's not worth a hunnert bones, I tell you. And then by the time we rolled into Evanston, we were too tired to search for anything cheaper than the absurdly expensive Motel 6.

Anyway, we rolled on across the Beehive State and the Silver State today, playing "I'm Thinking of Something..." (kind of a less-rule-dominated version of 20 Questions), snacking on delicious Cracked Pepper & Olive Oil Triscuits, reading to one another from our long-neglected read-aloud book, being flabbergasted at the price of gasoline, and on into Cali, only finally hitting the point of "Let Us Out of this FUCKING CAR" desperation at about the time we were passing by Sacramento.

And now we're hanging out at QIR's crib, marveling just a bit at the fact that in one week, we're totally going to be married and such.