I've Arrived

Friends, the moment I've dreamed of has finally occurred. "A Great Big Nerd" has become the #1 hit on a Google search. According to my Sitemeter, not just one but TWO people were directed to my nerdy little corner of the Internets recently - more precisely, to my foray into commentary on the Mary Jane Statue idiocy - when they Googled...

"Lois Lane's Boobs"

Man, that makes me proud. My site is the first thing horny fanboys see when they're searching for naked pictures of Superman's main squeeze.

If I know anything about blogging, I know that the first rule is: give the people what they want. So, all you fanboys out there searching for some Lois Lane-oriented wank material, here ya go:

Lois Lane porn-face image from Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane #57, May 1965, art by Kurt Schaffenberger
"Trashy Lingerie" image from a damn Google image search and I don't want to know where else.
Yes, it really is creepy and disturbing, isn't it? Sorry.