A Girl and a Boy and a Bay and Some Breakers

Some months ago, we made friends with the eponymous Girl and Boy of a A Girl and a Boy, Leah and Simon. Last night at the Pub, they proposed the idea of participating in one of San Francisco's many annual expressions of public madness and weirditude, Bay to Breakers. Ostensibly a footrace, Bay to Breakers is mostly an excuse for San Frantasticans to dress in silly costumes, parade through the City and drink heavily (as if they need one). So we were BARTing across the Bay bright and early, and met up with Leah and Simon for a day of doing stuff. I didn't get all the pictures I wanted to get, but I got some good ones.

And a word to all you idiot frat boys out there preparing for Halloween and other costumey-type events: The "Dick in a Box" costume is already completely played out. The first one we saw today was funny. The second, less so. The hundredth one we saw was not only not funny but actively annoying.

As themed group costumes go, it is an undeniable fact that public costumed events that there will be a Crowd of Elvi. Here we see a Stoopfull of Elvi dancin' to the Jailhouse Rock.

Also, there will be plenty of guys who think it's really clever to dress in womens' clothing, especially schoolgirl uniforms.

Here, the entire crowd began spontaneously singing along to the Whitesnake classic, "Here I Go Again", which was just fucking awesome.

There was a Guinness amongst this crew of people in beer bottle outfits, and the first time I saw her, she was drinking an MGD. Later, I saw her again and she was drinking a Guinness. I'm not sure whether a Guinness drinking inferior and shitty beer or Recursive Guinness was more disturbing...

Here's one for any fans of Venture Brothers who may be reading...

And here's one for fans of Arrested Development.

The crowd got pretty intense at times, and the drinking was quite heavy, and basically the whole city turned out to watch.

And of course, as B2B is famous for, there was plenty of nudity, so that's alright.