Too Little Too Late

Here's my latest creation in Photoshop for my Creating the Digital Image class.

It was inspired, in part, by this Time cover story from last year, which stated that polar bears are likely to be extinct in the wild within fifty years due to the destruction of their habitat.

One of the more difficult parts of creating this image was in adding the New York skyline in the background. I found the perfect NY photo, except that it dated from the '60s, when the World Trade Center was being built. The under-construction towers were visible and clearly identifiable on the left side of the image. This obviously didn't jibe with the concept, so I had to erase them, which was pretty painful.

My professor asked in class on Wednesday when he saw my image, "Do you think this is good?"

"Well, I don't think the scenario is good at all," I said, "but I think the image is good."