Tell Me About the Penis Mightier

Promos for tonight's "Jeopardy!" promise something amazing. Something that has never happened in the show's 23-year history and, "may never happen again."

Internet fandom is predicting a three-way tie. Some are saying it will be a $0 tie, with all three contestants having bet it all in Final Jeopardy and getting it wrong. According to Wikipedia, however, that has happened before. So my guess is just a straight-up three-way tie, with all players finishing with the same (positive) dollar amount.

Meh. The problem is, ties are boring. There's a reason baseball games go into extra innings. More to the point, there's a reason the NHL has instituted the "shoot-out" format to determine the winner of games still tied at the end of overtime. Ties are deadly dull. Navy football coach Eddie Erdelatz famously said, "A tie is like kissing your sister." This is true for both participants and spectators. I want to see the Thrill of Victory and the Agony of Defeat, not "Well, I guess you all three kind of won, and all three kind of lost. Kind of.

What "Jeopardy!" needs is another Ken Jennings. Someone to go on a huge winning streak and draw in the viewers. Someone starts breaking Jennings' records, that's an event. Someone runs the entire board in one game, that's an event. Nobody really wins, that's meh.