Our New Neighbor

So there's this lady who lives in the apartment building across the alley from our new place. She's got to be the nicest, friendliest lady on Earth. I don't know how it is that she's living in Denver, as she clearly graduated at the top of her class from New York Jewish Grandmother School.

As I was leaving the house the other day, she was on her way out with her dog. "How 'bout this weathah?" she says.
"Pretty hot," I say, nodding.
"Well, youah young and have ya health, you could use some hot weathah," she says. I laugh and we part ways.

Today, I'm leaving the house and she's on her way back in with her dog. Without so much as a greeting, she says to me, "I was reading Little House on the Prairie, and do you know what they fed theiah dawgs? And these were big dawgs, too. Cowahnbread. Can you believe that? So I made some cowahn muffins the othah day, fed one to my dawg. I couldn't tell if he likes it or naht. Still, he seems pretty healthy."

We chat about the weather again for a minute more, and she closes with, "Well, I gotta go. Nice tawkin' to ya, handsome. Take care."

I don't know anything more about her than that she lives in the building across the alley and likes to walk her Aussie Shepherd. Still, I would surmise that she probably has grandchildren who she doesn't see nearly often enough, and when she does see them, she says things like, "You look thin. Are you eating enough?"