It's no dumber than re-enacting Second Bull Run every weekend

You don't have to be a nerd to appreciate this, but it does help.

And don't you think that the guy playing Mr. Fantastic looks disconcertingly like Jon Stewart? Or is it just me?

In other Nerdly news, if you're a nerd, or would like to be one, you totally need to check out "Dave's Long Box,"* (now conveniently added to the blogroll at right for your browsing pleasure) one of the great nerdblogs on the internets.

* Long Box (n., nerd-speak) A cardboard box specifically designed to hold comic books. Long boxes hold 300 comics, and exist in two states. A long box is either immaculate and obsessively organized, or held together with duct tape and overfilled with comics in no discernable order.