Freedom Costs a Buck-oh-Five

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Do you like freedom? Not the idiotic and infuriating neocon co-opted "Th' terarists hate us 'cuz they hate freedom" kind. I'm talking about the real deal, good old-fashioned First Amendment-style "you get to say whatever you want to and no one can stop you" freedom. The kind we used to have before the giant corporations of the world realized just how easy it is to buy Congress.

Yeah, me too.

Congress is trying to hand over control of the internet to AT&T and the rest of the giant corporate telecomm industry. This would, in my opinion, be a Very Bad Thing. I think you'll agree with me.

Spread the word. Write/call/fax your Congresspersonages. If we don't protect Net Neutrality, we're going to miss it when AT&T and Comcast are blocking access to the sites they don't like and steering you towards their own content.