My Dirty Little Secret

I'm about to reveal something that will probably get my testicles revoked.

I don't have a single dime riding on the outcome of this year's NCAA Basketball Tournament. In fact, I didn't even fill out a bracket.

There, I feel better having said it.

I'm a sports nut, mostly. I can watch football (college or pro) all day long. I love major league baseball, especially the playoffs. I've had a hard time getting back into hockey since the Unpleasantness...but I do still love hockey. I'll watch soccer, lacrosse, rugby, Aussie rules...all sorts of sports that Americans traditionally don't like and don't usually get into.

But basketball just bores the fuck out of me. I try. I make a halfhearted effort to follow the Nuggets. I tried to watch bits and pieces of the first two rounds of the Tournament. But trying to watch basketball is just guaranteed to drive me to find something else to do. It's not that the action is difficult to follow -- it's not. It's not that the strategy or finer points elude me -- they don't. It's just that the basic sport itself and the people who play it bore me to tears.

March Madness is going around, I guess...but I haven't caught the bug.