Lovely weekend followed by a Monday of ups and downs

The flight back home to Denver was delayed by an hour or so (due to "high winds," apparently), which meant that we arrived after the SuperShuttle closed down for the night, and only just in time for one of the meager few RTD SkyRide buses that run in the wee hours. We crawled into our lovely, comfy bed sometime after two in the A.M. I don't know if it was really Hellish enough to be Hell, but it was a little too Hellish to be purgatory.

Anyway, 'twas a great weekend. At long last, we got to meet Monkey, who is every bit as hott and cool and fun to hang out with as you'd expect. I got to be a big huge nerd, traipsing thru used book stores in search of nerdbooks (and I found several, including a used copy of Craig Thompson's Blankets), and the requisite Bay Area visit to Comic Relief, aka the World's Greatest Comic Book Store, where I snagged a copy of Charles Burns' Black Hole, which I've been dying to read for months now. We went to a Burning Man party, which I wasn't wild about - it was a clothing exchange, and I can barely get up much interest in buying new clothes, let alone sorting thru a giant pile of someone else's manky old t-shirts. And some of the people there desperately needed to be clued in that the liberal application of patchouli oil isn't the same thing as taking a bath. Still, it was fun to watch, and there was some yummy free food.

And then, after the special trip home last night, I got to get up at 7:00 (after something on the order of four-and-a-half hours of sleep) to go to my drawing class with my craptacular drawing teacher. Ugh. She's a good artist, don't get me wrong. But she's average at her best times when it comes to imparting her knowledge to others. And I don't think she likes me any more than I like her, and I think she bases her grades on how much she likes a given student. Bleah.

Still, I rocked on my history mid-term, which the prof handed back today. My essay was "very finely crafted." And that's pretty shweet.

Overall, I've been fairly useless today. I have a couple hours' worth of algebra to sit thru in a few minutes, and then it's home to sleep like one o' them, whaddayacallit, rocks, or logs, or dogs, or something like that, for the next sixteen hours.