Movie Trailers

So I really did dig V for Vendetta, though perhaps my initial post about it doesn't really convey my enthusiasm...

Anyway, speaking of Nerd Movies, there were some pretty sweet trailers before V for... First off, the full-length trailer for X-Men 3, which is now apparently known as X-Men: The Last Stand. And I gotta say, I have my doubts. I've had my doubts ever since Bryan Singer pulled out, and they only multiplied when I heard Brett Ratner was going to replace him. But, the trailer looks pretty sweet. It made me ril, ril excited to see the flick. Looks like it's loaded with cool stuff, including Kelsey Grammar looking wikid awesome as the Beast. I still don't know how they think they're going to pull off anything doing justice to the whole Phoenix Saga in a two-hour movie...but my hopes are higher than they were.

And, even though he looks kinda cool in the trailer, seriously, is there any mutant with lamer powers than the Angel? He's sorta the Aquaman of the Marvel Universe, isn't he?
"Hi, I'm Storm, I have absolute mastery over the weather."
"Hi, I'm Magneto, and the forces of magnetism are at my command."
"Hi, I'm Wolverine, and I heal almost instantly from even the deadliest wounds."
"Hi, I'm the Angel, and, um...I've got wings. I can fly 'n' stuff."

Anyway...also had a second viewing of the Superman Returns trailer, which remains wikid awesome, as well. Brilliant choice, throwing in the Marlon Brando v.o. and the John Williams score right off the bat. Very evocative. Gave me nerd-chills up and down my spine. I remain a little dubious about certain things - both Brandon Routh and Kate Bosworth seem more than a little too young to play their parts, first and foremost - but I'm really looking forward to it. I think Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor alone could make the movie worth seeing...