The 'Ville

We are in Louisville after a trip through the Midwest that was fun but sticky, and during which we learned that in Kansas, they are really, really, really concerned about the fate of fetuses, that opting for the convenience of the KOA right by the highway because you're tired and don't want to backtrack to the state park is never a good idea, and that drivers in Missouri and Illinois are just as stupid in the rain as drivers in Denver.

It was, of course, the night of the 4th of July when we arrived. And friends, let me tell you something - when Eek! talks about "the 217" being a little crazy, she is not exaggerating. People were setting off Roman candles and bottle rockets in the middle of the street. As we sat on the patio at the neighborhood tavern with Erin and Todd of Death Wore a Feathered Mullet, some local youths came along and put on a display of skyrockets and other aerial devices in the intersection. It was impressive, but we also worried if perhaps a stray rocket might hit the umbrella on our table and send us all to a fiery doom. It felt kind of like being in Baghdad.

We're shortly heading out to explore the Derby City by day. I don't doubt we'll hear and/or see some people burning off the last remains of their fireworks stock today...but I don't think we'll have to worry about RPGs or IEDs.