Go the Distance

Saw Pirates 2 this afternoon - it was pretty good. Too long by a half-hour or so, but fun.

Before the movie was a trailer for the upcoming Rocky Balboa, which I suppose is the title because Rocky VI just sounded far too ludicrous.

It looks every bit as awful as Rocky V and entirely lacking in the unintentional hilarity of Rocky IV. But I must admit that hearing "Gonna Fly Now" and crowds chanting, "Rocky! Rocky! Rocky!" gave me chills.

Still...Rocky VI, man. That's messed up. I just can't imagine that anyone in the American moviegoing public has said at any point in the last fifteen years, "Boy, I'd really like to see another go-round with the Italian Stallion." And Stallone's working on Rambo IV, as well. Dude must be thisclose to standing on a Hollywood street corner with a cardboard sign reading, "Will Act For Food God Bless."