Eep Opp Ork Ah-Ah*

I like soup.
And I like ice cream sandwiches, too.
I like fishsticks.
But I love you.

- Barenaked Ladies, "I Love You"

Happy (Not Wedding) Anniversary, Mle. Every day makes me happier that I posted my Yahoo Messenger ID in that message board thread way back in the spring of 2001, and even happier that I didn't just ignore that first IM you sent, and even happier still (in a way) that you were in a crappy job where you had nothing better to do than spend all day chatting on-line with some random pizza-slingin' weirdo from the armpit of Colorado, and even more happier still that I was some random pizza-slingin' weirdo who worked nights and so had nothing better to do between English Lit and said slingin' than chat on-line with some random neo-hippie girl from Berkeley. And even more more happier still that...well, you get the idea.

Thanks for seven great years, and thanks in advance for all the years to come.

*That means "I love you."