The Marriage of a Nerd - Part VI: Home Again

We've arrived safe and sound back in Denver after a fun mini-honeymoon road trip. Big thanks to Monkey for offering her comfy futon at a moment's notice when we discovered that almost all of the roads in Yosemite were closed and thus diverted to SoCal instead, and thanks to Mle's Oldest Friend for changing her plans and coming to have dinner with us (and Monkey) on equally short notice.

Delicious-as-always lunch at In-n-Out ("Those are good burgers, Walter!"), this time at the Las Vegas location, a charming stay at the Budget Host Knight's Inn in Richfield, Utah, free dessert from the waitress at the JB's Diner in Richfield - the wedding gifts keep on coming - who insisted that Mle wanted the cheesecake instead of pie, a fabulous but too brief visit to Arches National Park, a waitress with a permed femullet at the Moab Brewery (They have brewpubs in Utah - who knew?), and then a decision that arriving home late and seeing our kitties and sleeping in our own bed was way, way better than staying in Grand Junction or Glenwood Springs tonight...

And here we are. Home, and married.