No, That's Your 19th Century Anarchist Revolutionary Name

Is there any game in the history of dumb start-a-pointless-five-minute-conversation-at-a-party game than the "What's Your Porn Star Name?" game? Especially since people always get bogged down in the rules of which one is your Porn Star Name and which one is your Drag Queen Name and so on and so forth.*

(Click to embiggen to legible scale)

As it turns out, there is. Nice work, Cat and Girl (aka super-awesome webcomic that I have somehow only just discovered)!

* Or maybe it's an awesome game and I'm just bitter because my Porn Star/Drag Queen name is J├Ągen 42nd Avenue. Who can say for sure?**

** Actually, I can say for sure. That game is stupid and it sucks.