I've Won Second Prize in a Beauty Contest. Where's my $10?

The Tattered Cover, Denver's venerable institution of a colossal independent bookstore, has been priced out of the market in their old Cherry Creek North location - the rent is just too high for them. So, they're moving to a new location at the end of the month. They held a design contest for the t-shirt that employees and volunteers will wear during the Big Move. I created an entry, not really expecting much, just thinking it was as good a reason as any to draw something.

Someone from the Tattered Cover called me this afternoon to tell me that my entry was chosen as the First Runner-up in a very close decision. It won't be a t-shirt, but they're making it into a poster that the employees and volunteers will sign and then they'll hang it in the new store on Colfax Ave. And I get a $50 T.C. giftcard.

So that's pretty sweet.

Unfortunately, in my haste to turn in my entry (which I got in just before the deadline), I neglected to make any copies - so it'll be a while, but when I can, I'll post my award-winning entry for all to see...